Tips on How to Make an Open House an Open Home

Many times, we often wonder what we can do to persuade people to come to our open house. Do we have to make a huge sign that says, “Open House this way!” Or do we bribe people’s temptations? Who could resist a “Make your ice cream” bar? Oh yeah, we mustn’t forget our healthy crew, we’d also add “Make your own salad” bar as well. Now we have a healthy flow of traffic we’d think. Wrong! As an agent, we must use our knowledge and expertise to help our buyers find a house that feels like home and help our sellers find someone who will treat their home like a gem. A house is kind of like a treasure.

Once someone finds it, they should hold onto it because it is more than a shelter. It is a place for our family to grow and thrive. It is the arms that embrace us after a long day of work. It is the source that protects us from the heat of the summer and the chill of the shivering winters. A house is meant to feel like a home. When it comes to buying or selling houses, we ought to show gratitude to those who worked long hours to build the house by simply enjoying it. It’s essential for buyers to feel a sense of security and stability while purchasing a new home. That is why is it extremely important that an open house feels like an open home!

  • Where to begin

Sometimes the idea of holding an open house can be intimidating. How to begin is the best question to ask to ensure the open house is successful. Here are a few great places to start:

  1. Start by inviting your neighbors, they are the best resources. They are the ones who know the area and can speak to your prospects.
  2. Make it easy to get to your houses by setting up posters or signs that leads to your house
  3. Stage the home by removing old furniture’s and replace them with new furniture’s.
  4. Have an album of professional pictures of your house
  • Make Sure the House is Clean

There is nothing better than walking through a clean house. Make sure all the corners are properly cleaned. When a house is clean people tend to have more respect for it. Here is a checklist for the things to clean:

  1. Clean the bathroom sink and toilets
  2. Clean the refrigerator and stove
  3. Remove grease from cooking area
  4. Vacuum carpets
  5. Mop floors
  6. Polish mirrors
  7. Dust all the surfaces and ceiling fans
  8. Make sure the walls are spotless (paint over them if they aren’t)
  9. Clean the beds, couches, and curtains and make sure they are done neat and elegant.
  • Keep the front patio neat and welcoming

Whether they are waiting for the door to open or hanging out around the porch, potential buyers spend most of their time on the front porch. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the outside of the house clean. For it is indeed the face of the home. Hence, make sure you have these as a check list:

  • Place a Welcome mat
  • Clean up the wasps and bees’ nest
  • No cobwebs
  • Fix the flowerbeds
  • Pull out the weeds in the garden
  • Sweep the front Porch
  • Remove stains, mold, and mildew if you have a wooden deck
  • Clean the outside windows
  • Spend the day away
Special Characters Road Sign Information Boards

The temptation to stay around the house as potential buyers walk around may seem irresistible. However, it is bad for business. As a seller it is imperative to stay out of the house. Here are a few reasons why you should not be at your home when there is an open house:

  • It may make prospects feel uncomfortable to ask the agent questions about the house.
  • You could potentially say something that may alert the prospects.
  • You may get offended by a negative comment a viewer says.
  • Your home is personal to you, but not to others. It’s important to understand that selling your home is a business transaction to the buyer. Don’t take anything too personal.
  • Declutter    

Nothing is more pleasant than walking through a spacious home at an open house. When the house is crowed it’s difficult to orient a mental display of a possible home. The house maybe clean, however, it could be hard to tell because of the things you have around.

  • Make the house easy for viewers to see it as their own 
  • Depersonalize your home
  • Remove any prescriptions
  • Take down family photos
  • Leave your pets at your family or friend home
  • Clean out closet
  • Sort out what you would like to keep and donate what you don’t want
  • Keep the house organize